Rules and Regulations

1.  Let's Bee Together is open to all people of all levels of experience and skill. 

2.  You must be willing to ship internationally

3.  Communication is a vital part of our bee.  You must be willing to post blocks received (or if you don't have the ability - email me the pictures to post).  If you are having difficulties with the assigned block, please make sure to contact the person who sent them out for help or other suggestions. 

When it is your turn:
1.  Send out adequate fabric by the first of the month to bee members.  Amounts of fabric required vary depending on what kind of block you want, but send at least a 1 1/2 fat quarter's worth of fabric.  Specify what you want done with the scraps (i.e. whether people can keep scraps or whether they should be sent back with the blocks).   it will be up to you to let other members know if you are OK with them including fabric from their own stash or if you would prefer them to use only the fabric you sent.  If you are OK with members including their own stash fabric, be as specific as you'd like (i.e. only fabrics from a certain colorway, fabric line, designer, etc).  After all, it's your finished quilt.

2.  Send directions or guidelines for what you want created.  Remember, this group is made up of all skill levels so you may want to provide optional choices.  This can be as simple as stating what size you want your blocks to be, whether or not additional fabric can be added, and a general style (i.e. modern, scrappy, etc) or as specific as sending a particular pattern.  Regardless, it is important to state your expectations.

3.  Print instructions and include them in your package.  This is handy to have near the cutting table and sewing machine.  Add a link if there is one available for the block you are using.

4.  Keep track of the blocks you receive back and post them on this site.  It will help us to stay organized and on track.  All of the members worked hard to create something beautiful for you.  A little positive feedback makes it all worthwhile.

1.  Fabric should be posted out by the 1st of the month and completed blocks should be in the mail for the return journey by the last day of the same month. 

Packaging and Mailing:
1.  Include your fabric/block in a Ziploc bag with an address card to optimize the likelihood of your carefully chosen fabric or pieced block reaching the intended recipient in perfect condition if the outside packaging is damaged or it gets rained on in transit.

2.  You might want to print out return address stickers for yourself when you are sending out your fabric.  This is not mandatory but a good way of making doubly sure your completed blocks make it back to you.