Monday, October 31, 2011

Mosaic Blocks

I have started receiving blocks back from my Let's Bee Together group.  
As of this post I only have 4 back (out of 11) and I look forward to getting the others back soon so that I can add them to the 8 I have from when I had my local quilt group do the same blocks for me back in February.  

8 blocks from local group
4 blocks so far from Let's Bee Together group

From Staci of The Confused Quilter

From Marta of PolkaDotClassic

From Linda of Stray Stitches

From Wendy of Calculating Quilter

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Group A--November Blocks for Staci

Hi Bee Friends!  November is my month to play hostess, I can hardly believe it has finally arrived!  Back in January, November seemed so far away!
I'm sending out pieces of the Denise Schmidt fabric that she recently designed for JoAnn's.  Each person in the bee will receive a different print from that line. This fabric reminds me so much of my mother, who was born in the early 1920's, and who endured those hard years during the Great Depression.  I decided a very old fashioned block would be right with my fabric, so I have chosen the Flyfoot Block.  

I have prepared a little tutorial on how to make this block. Here is the link to it:

If you have any questions or problems, please send me an email or leave a comment on the tutorial post on my blog and I'll answer as soon as I see it.  (Please don't leave the question here!) Thank you so much for making this block for me!  I know this quilt will always remind me of my mom.  


Saturday, October 22, 2011

October's is coming. . .

Ever had one of those DOH! moments, that was me yesterday when I realized I hadn't receive a Bee block this month -then realizing it was because I haven't send mine out!!  So I find sitting hidden under a pile of quilt fabric there are my 11 blocks waiting to be mailed out!!?!  Gimmee Cricket!!

So, I'm sorry for the delay in recieving my blocks this month - there is no hurry to get them back to me, but you should all have them by mid-week.

Thank you!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Partial Peek at Bailey's Mod Mosaic

Here's a look at Bailey's block. 

Should be in the mail by Saturday, hopefully sooner!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching up....

I want to apologize to everyone for I have fallen quite behind in my blocks!

Melissa-- I actually have TWO blocks for you, the block I made, and one that was accidentally sent to me instead of you! I had them all packaged up into an envelope, but didn't realize until today while trying to organize all that I need to catch up on (my kitchen table/sewing area is a catastrophe!) that I never took them to the post office! So, a very special apology to you, those will be whipping their way to you.

To Erin, Jadie, and Toni-- I haven't received fabric for your blocks, and it occurred to me that perhaps the email was missed a few months ago updating my address? If it was sent to the Texas address (the ex says I received a few envelopes there) then I am afraid I may possibly never get it (supposedly the stuff was forwarded to me, but that was a month ago and it's not here yet so I am not holding my breath). Please email me, ladies, so I can make it up to you!

Charlene-- I DID get your fabric, so that block will be made and sent out ASAP.

Thankyou all for not writing me off, or casting me out yet. I know I have been the worst swap partner this year :( I definitely bit off more than I can chew out of life this year.

Block for Bailey

Would have added a bit more, but ran out of black strips!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Group A~September Shannon's Month

I thought I would post all the blocks I have so far.

I still need blocks from Melinda, Mollie, and Carolyn.

Carolyn I will be going to my LQS on Friday to pick up some fabric for you. When I did it a while back for some reason I only got pink fabric. I will send it off to you on Friday. Don't worry about it the delay is my fault. Or you can just sew two pieces together to make a square large enough to use. I have had a few gals do that and t is fine. Just let me know which you would prefer.

Thank you ladies I love the blocks!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Group A, October Block for Bailey

You may or may not yet have your fabric from me for October's blocks.
I just wanted to post the link for instructions for your block in case you've never done mosaic blocks.
At that link, under the second picture, you will find the link to download the instructions.  
On the paper included with my fabric, you will find some more specific instructions for my block as well.

-Here are a couple photos for inspiration-

You can see in the pictures of the blocks I already have from my local bee group that not all blocks ended up the same size, some haven't been cut with straight edges etc.  That is fine, I do not actually want them square when they come back to me and if you can't figure out how not to make it square, you can just send it back like the one on the bottom left in the 2nd picture (see how it's not really finished, the person who did that block wasn't really fond of this style and I told them they didn't have to finish it - you can do the same if you really just can't go on!)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions along the way!