Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two blocks received

I opened some of my mail yesterday held during my vacation.  Among the messed up bills(why always when you go away?) I found these two lovely blocks!

**update:  Oops!  I didn't see when I took the pictures that mine and the addresses of those who sent were able to be seen on the envelopes.  I have since edited the photos and removed the old ones.  Please go here to see the redited pictures. 

:0) Colleen


The Vegetarian Hunter said...

They are fantastic! I just received the fabric yesterday so I hope to get mine done soon. I better re-read the directions though as I only skimmed and I didn't realize there is a specific pattern to follow - or is this a coincidence that both are the same?

Colleen said...

Go read the July 21st post http://letsbeetogether2.blogspot.com/2011/07/group-august-fabric.html I have a mosaic of examples. It just has to have a wonky star of any size or amount somewhere in the block. And you have to use some of all the fabrics. The white is not necessarily the background fabric.