Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking For Lost Member

Hi All!

I'm looking for a lost member from Group B.  I have not had any communication from Kate Cruchley for quite awhile.  If any of you know her could you let me know if she is okay?  I get concerned when I don't hear from one of our family members.  If you happen to know her personally, please let her know that she is missed and that I would love to hear from her.

UPDATE:  I have heard from Kate.  She is fine but has had some family issues.  She is still a part of our family :)

Linda G - Administrator


Bailey said...

Glad to hear you heard from her.

Melissa said...

I hope things smooth out for Kate, but I am glad she is still with us! Please let her know if she needs more time when her month comes, I can swap her.