Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seeking Guidance

I hope this isn't completely out of place, but I was hoping to get some guidance from all of you. Since I'm pretty new to quilting I thought I'd see what some of you think.

Dr. Seuss Quilt
(photo heidigoneaussie on

I want to do some blocks like these but can't figure out where to start. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I've done wonky log cabin blocks before so I don't know if it's the only one row thing that's throwing me or what. They also seem to all be pretty uniform, so do you think it's from a pattern or not?

I want to have my live quilt group (the ones I meet with here at home as opposed to this group...not that you all aren't live :) make some of these for a charity baby quilt and I don't know how to instruct them (some of us really need a lot of instruction). I could just cut all of the pieces out for them...if I even knew what to cut (if this follows a 'pattern').

Would you put sashing between these blocks, or just mush them all together?

Also....sorry this is so long....when you make a baby quilt, do you tend to do smaller blocks (like 6 or 9 inch vs 12 inch)? I could just have 3 blocks per row times 4 rows if they're bigger?

Thanks for your input...I didn't know where to turn for help (hubby and boys aren't ANY help)!



Staci said...

Bailey--go here:

These blocks were made exactly the same way we did the blocks for this quilt along. Jennifer's tutorial is excellent. You'll be making Wonky Blocks before you know it!

RenegadeQuilter said...

With regards to your sashing question - I personally wouldn't do sashing - I like the mixed up look myself.

Melinda said...

I have made several quilts like this and I add wide sashing and then trim the blocks using a square ruler set wonky on the original block. This is how I made my daughters wedding signature quilt and it turned out great.

Melissa said...

I think whether or not to add sashing would depend on the pattern of the fabrics you are using and what look you were going for. For example, I would not use sashing on this Dr. Seuss quilt - it should be whacky and crazy looking! But if your center squares were of a more calming nature, then you might want to add sashing to make the whole quilt calmer. I think either works depending on what you are looking for. And I have seen lots of baby quilts with larger blocks. I think that babies might even be able to see them better. But I also believe the size of your block would be dictated by the size of your fussy cut center piece.

Bailey said...

Thank you all!!!!

Val said...

Just popped over to your blog because you had a cat and not many years under your belt and was curious. I happened to look at this pattern at It looks really nice and seems simple.

Tiffany said...

Staci beat me to it! I'd say follow that girl quilt along. Will give you what you want. And forgo the sashing. Will look super cute all together!