Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From Shannon to Melinda

Here is a sneak peek Melinda. I loved playing with this fabric. I loved the colors. 

I have to confess that I had a hard time. I found the pattern I wanted to do. I started cutting and realized I was not going to have enough of one of the colors. I found a second block I liked and again the same thing. Well after I found a third block and realized I was not going to have enough again, I went a little crazy. But I figured it out. That is what I love about quilting, if it don't work out the way you had planned then do something different even if you are in mid-stream. (I guess that is true about most things but I love it for quilting.)

Below is a stack of murdered fabric. LOL!!

I killed the white so badly that I used some of my own, I hope that was ok. It is Kona White. I hope that if fits in with your other blocks. Have a great evening.


Melinda said...

The fabric I sent was Kona White so I am sure what you used will be perfect. I have some extra layer cake squares that I can send if anyone needs more.

Bailey said...

Sounds exactly like something that would happen to me! Glad you found your way around it!

Shannon said...

Melinda, your great!! It was not that I did not have enough, but that I did not plan carefully, enough. LOL!!