Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waiting on One

Waiting on One by bailchri
Waiting on One, a photo by bailchri on Flickr.

I'm still waiting for one block to come back to me. Unfortunately I can't even piece these that I do have together yet because I want to try to balance color at least a little bit and I have no way to know what fabric combo is in the block I'm still waiting on. Hoping it's here before too long.


Vesuviusmama said...

Looking good! Hopefully it will get to you right away!

ColorSlut said...

Who are you waiting on??

Bailey said...

Waiting on the block from Melinda, she's behind. Everyone else, I have received your blocks! I always worry about the postal system and things getting lost so I'm glad they made it out to you and back to me with no issues! Thanks for your hard work, I know these blocks were a bit time consuming what with all that extra trimming, but I love the results!

Shannon said...

It looks so wonderful!! I love it!! Those colors work so well!!