Monday, March 21, 2011

Robyn's block

Robyn, I am truly sorry that I didn't follow the directions in your letter. It was so simple yet I messed up. Please forgive me and give me another chance to do the block correctly. 

I just got up enough courage to post this apology to Robyn. I mailed the Bee package this morning and emailed Robyn about my terrible blunder. Hopefully, she forgives me and accepts the block b/c it somehow fits her plan or sends me more of the focus fabric so I can make another block. 
Working with the fabric she sent was up-lifting when my spirits needed a lift and a reason to smile. I enjoyed working with the fabrics and colors she sent and finding others in my stash. Not a scrap was wasted but I still goofed with the fabric placement b/c I was not focused. Still I love the way the block looks, but it does not follow the guidelines she sent. I do sincerely apology to her.

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Shannon said...

I am in the other group. I just wanted to say that it was good of you to apologise on the blog. I hope things work out!