Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carolyn's Block Question

I finished your block today. I messed it up at first. I did not adjust my 1/4" seam. After redoing it my block only measures 12". I have tried to see what size yours is in your picture but I can't really tell. It looks like it is only 12" as well. Please help. Thank you, Shannon


Vesuviusmama said...

Shannon, mine was only 12" also. I don't think it is possible to end up with a 12.5" block when you start with a 12.5" square that you cut apart and then sew back together.

ColorSlut said...

I've sent a message to Caroyln as well. How many strips of fabric did you use on the sides? Her photo and instructions have 5 strips. I use the 5 and still have a little triangle left at the corner. I'm thinking about adding a tiny bit of fabric to finish it off - but I'd like some instruction before screwing it up!

HELP! I have a photo - but don't know how to post to this blog.

Bailey said...

The tutorial we are to follow does say the block is only supposed to end up being 12" square. Perhaps Carolyn's instructions just had a typo.

Bailey said...

@ColorSlut (and others who may not have completed their blocks yet):
To avoid having the small amount of uncovered solid (what would you call that color anyway?) I am adding a 2 inch strip of my own fabric as the last piece since the 1.5" doesn't cover it all the way.