Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Carolyn and Christina!

Carolyn-this quilt block has been on my "want to try" list for quite some time now.  Thanks for the opportunity to do it - I truly loved it.  I also love the fabrics you sent...it's great how they all end up going together even though they don't look like they would.  I cannot wait to see your blocks come together (side note/thought: anyone complete their projects from last year's bee blocks?  Would love to see pictures!).  I went to the post office today, but didn't send your block - the line was a mile long and only one clerk working and because it's going to Canada I can't use the auto ship thing to send it..will try again hoping for a smaller line!

Christina-this was my first time doing a disappearing 9-patch as well.  It was so quick and fun to figure out how I wanted to rearrange it!  I also look forward to seeing your blocks come together, it will be fun to see how everyone chose to lay them out!  Your block should be arriving by the weekend!


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