Monday, January 2, 2012

Sneak peek for Marta and Staci

Would you believe I packaged and mailed them before I realized I never photographed them?!!  Im not even sure where my camera is at the moment.  Still trying to get back to normal after holiday craziness.  Of course going back to work tomorrow should shock my system.  Oops I better turn the alarm back on.  I just want to say thanks to Linda and everyone in Hive A.  This has been a great year!  I decided not to continue in 2012 as I need to focus on the UFOs in my trunk.  Here is a picture of almost all of the blocks I received from this group ( I forgot to put up the last one received).  I  still didn't receive one but cant seem to figure out whose.

Ok found a picture of the tenth one.
I love how everyone rocked the wonky stars in such different ways.

:o) Colleen


Staci said...

You sneaky, girl! LOL!

Polka Dot Classic said...

Nice Stars :)
Thank you for making my block
cant wait till it get here!