Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Gorgeous New Blocks

Here is the first of three wonderful blocks I received in the mail yesterday.

This block is from Tiffany, Pink Sweet Treats.  Don't you just love the wonky look in this one?!?!  Thanks, Tiffany!!

This beautiful star block is from Erin, My Patchwork Life.  I love stars and this purple one is perfect.  Thanks, Erin!!

This beautiful block come from Toni, The Quilting Pirate.  She said that the block pattern came from the latest Quilt Makers 100 Blocks Volume 2 and it is #155, Star Flight.  Doesn't it show off the fabric wonderfully?  Thanks, Toni!!

I am  having so much fun checking the mail every day to see if more blocks have arrived.  Each block is so very special.  They are going to make a beautiful scrappy quilt!


Tiffany said...

I love them all! What a great array of blocks you've got so far!

Makes me very anxious for my month. :D

The Quilting Pirate said...

How fun!! I so can't wait til October!!! :) Next time I'm going to get a month sooner!! LOL

You quilt will look great with all these scrappy looking blocks!! Everyone's block is awsome!

Shannon said...

I can't wait to wee the completed quilt. Those blocks are so pretty!!

Vesuviusmama said...

I must get a camera like yours - my block looks so much better when YOU photograph it!! What fun to see what everyone is coming up with!

Tiffany said...

I know you were asking for everyones block pattern -

I hate to tell you this, but I just sorta made it - I knew I wanted a wonky style block, and just cut and sewed until I was happy with the look and size.

Sorry I didn't use something people can recreate! :(