Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday's Mail Call

Look what the mailman brought to my door on Tuesday!  Four more beautiful and creative blocks!!!

This wonderful block was created by Jadie.  I think it is an original design.  I love the double border.  Snickerdoodle decided this block was hers.  Thank you, Jadie!

This beautiful block was sent to me by Debra.  She added some of her own white on white to create the border.  Doesn't this block snap?  She also included a wonderful little note and a great fat quarter.  I haven't seen this print before - it is a super addition to my stash.  Thank you, Debra!

Bailey sent me this beautiful block.  She said that she had some difficulty with the size but after adding a strip to two of the sides it is just perfect.  I think this block will be a wonderful addition to the quilt I will be making.  Thank you, Bailey!

Tamera made this beautiful block for me.  She also added some of her own white on white to get the contrast she wanted for this block.  Perfect points in this one.  Tamera included a nice little note with a cute little bird on the front.  Thank you, Tamera!

It never ceases to amaze me how each block is totally unique - either by design or how the colors are used.  I get so excited when the mail comes bringing large envelopes my way.  I sit and study each block and admire all of the work that has gone into creating them.  Thank you everyone, for making my soon to be quilt a reality!!

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Anonymous said...

The fabric is from Anna Marie Horner's Innocent Crush line. I am so happy you liked the block!