Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blocks From Shannon, Melissa, & Charlene

 It has been so much fun to peek into my mail box lately and find smushy envelopes addressed to me!

This beautiful block was made by Shannon.  She said that she had fun making this block and the Block Swap Adventure block that she sent me in the same envelope (smart thinking there!).  She also included a post card of Idaho which is in the photo I am sharing on BSA.  I like the arrangement of the fabrics.  Thank you, Shannon!!

This wonderful block is from Melissa.  She included the darling little note card that let me know that this is her 'first swap block ever'.  Well done, Melissa!  I'm sure your nerves will lessen with future blocks.  I like the way the blue travels around the center diamond.   Thank you, Melissa!!

This special block was made by Charlene S.  She included a note that said "The colors and florals are out of my usual color path.  It took me awhile to step out of the my 'self-imposed' box and see a block".  The arrangement of the different fabrics is perfect, Charlene!  Thank you!!

I had a thought after receiving these blocks.  In the future, when you are able to select any block you would like to make (like these), it would be nice to know the names of the blocks or if they are your original design.  What do you all think?


Shannon said...

I like your idea of adding the block name and how to find it. I went to this link for the block. The name of the block is Bachelors Puzzle. It looks like mine and Melissa's block are the same pattern. How cool. I am glad you like it. After looking at it here I like Melissa's better. LOL!!

Staci said...

Yes, I think this is a great idea. The name of the block where the pattern came from would be good too. I think this would be good to do on Block Swap Adventure as well.

Wendy said...

Another great idea to include the block name and pattern source!

Beautiful blocks!!

Melissa said...

How funny that Shannon and I chose the same block!! I will have to pop over to Shannon's blog and see what other ideas we share! How interesting to see the two in similar, yet different colors! Linda, I like the idea of sending the name of the block.

Bailey said...

Love that 2 are the same pattern and the other is similar and they all arrived on the same day! I'm so excited to see how all of these blocks come together in your final quilt!

It's a great idea to share the pattern name/source! Are you thinking include them written down with the block or at some point on the blog?

Linda G. said...

Bailey - My thought was if someone wanted to use the pattern at a future date that they would know what block to look for when searching for the pattern.